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Vein Care Specialists on Long Island: 3 Things to Improve your Cardiovascular Health

Vein care specialists on Long IslandCardiovascular disease (CVD) can be frightening, just ask our vein care specialists on Long Island.  In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that CVD is currently the leading cause of death in the United States. The good news is that CVD is largely preventable with healthy lifestyle habits that can help your blood vessels stay in top shape for years to come.

So, what can Long Island residents do to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system?

  1. Reduce your blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your blood vessels, leading to a buildup of plaque that can inhibit circulation and increase your risk for developing blood clots. Vein care specialists on Long Island suggest that eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lowering your dietary salt intake, and getting plenty of physical activity are some of the ways you can maintain healthy blood pressure and ward off hypertension. If at-home measures aren’t working, ask your doctor if blood pressure reducing medication is right for you.
  2. Exercise regularly. Not only does exercise help regulate your blood pressure, it also increases blood-oxygen levels and blood flow to help nourish your organs and tissues. By getting adequate amounts of exercise, you can boost overall health, as well as strengthen blood vessel walls, increase the ‘vein pump’ and feel better all around. You may also see a reduction in your body fat percentage, as well as reduce your risk for numerous other diseases. Ask your physician what level of exercise is appropriate for you.
  3. Get regular vascular screenings. Venous and vascular diseases are often a precursor to CVD, which is why early detection and Long Island vein treatment are important to reduce your risk for CVD. Schedule your screening right here at Advanced Vein Care Solutions with one of the best vein doctors on Long Island, Dr. Andrew Rochman. Trust one of the best vein care specialists on Long Island.  Call us at 516-821-0242 now or go online to schedule.

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