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Advanced Spider Vein Treatment with AccuVein

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Advanced Spider Vein Treatment with AccuVein

Spider veins are a common but frustrating problem. The visible webs of blue, purple, or reddish colored veins keep many people from feeling confident about their appearance, and may even prevent some patients from enjoying the activities they love.

Thankfully, spider vein treatments can eliminate these pesky veins. Advanced Vein Care Solutions offers the most advanced spider vein treatment available today—AccuVein.

AccuVein is a more effective, faster, and simpler treatment option to eliminate spider veins. It uses noninvasive infrared light to pinpoint the precise location of problem veins. This allows vein doctors to expertly target the veins at the source of the spider vein web.

In many cases, these “feeder” veins are located a short way away from the visible spider veins. That small distance, however, can make a big difference. If doctors don’t treat the correct target vein, then the spider veins won’t fully disappear.

With AccuVein, finding the right vein is easy and completely painless. Under a band of infrared light beamed onto the skin, veins stand out as dark lines under the skin, and those that are responsible for the presence of unwanted spider veins are easily identified.

By injecting the exact veins that are damaged, and only those veins, doctors who use AccuVein improve their patients’ outcomes and reduce the number of appointments needed before seeing full results.

Patients treated with AccuVein are also much less likely to have their spider veins return or to have new spider veins form in the same place. This is a direct benefit of treating the problem at its source by eliminating the feeder vein.

Dr. Andrew Rochman of Advanced Vein Care Solutions is the leading spider vein expert in Long Island currently using AccuVein to treat patients. AccuVein has been used for years to identify the best veins for IV placement. Its use in spider vein treatment is a new innovation, and one that’s making both doctors and patients very happy with the results.

Contact us today to learn more about AccuVein treatment and schedule an appointment with a leading spider vein expert in Long Island.

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