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Long Island Vein Treatment for Dummies

Long Island Vein Treatment for Dummies

Long Island Vein Treatment for Dummies

Long Island Vein Treatment for Dummies

There is certainly a lot to learn about the numerous vein disease treatment options available today. If you are newly diagnosed with vein disease or are looking to improve the appearance of unsightly leg veins, it is understandable if you want to learn as much as you can about treatment options so that you can come to your next venous appointment feeling prepared and empowered. In this article, Advanced Vein Care Solutions explain the basics of Long Island vein treatment. But do not worry if you are not familiar with medical terms and advanced surgical procedures, because we explain it all in terms simple enough for someone with no experience with vein disease to understand.

Types of Treatment for Plainview, NY Residents

With years of research and medical advancements in vein care, modern vein treatment options all but exclude open surgery. Instead, patients can look forward to minimally invasive or non-invasive methods for treating the conditions that cause problem veins and associated symptoms such as aching and swollen legs and ankles.

Minimally invasive treatments are specific types of vein surgery that use very small incisions or injections under local anesthesia. Because these procedures are minimally invasive, there are reduced risks for scarring and complications from heavy sedation that are normally associated with traditional surgery. Instead, minimally invasive procedures are done on an outpatient basis, often in less than an hour. Most patients who elect these types of treatments see immediate relief from symptoms and see dramatic improvements in the appearance of spider and varicose veins.

Non-invasive treatments are conservative measures for relieving the symptoms of vein disease and keeping new problem veins from forming. Instead of surgery, people suffering from vein disease have practiced these treatments at home for decades. Common non-invasive treatments prescribed by Long Island vein specialists include wearing compression stockings, elevating the legs above heart level, and getting regular exercise to promote blood flow.

Minimally Invasive Treatment Options in Long Island

Sclerotherapy. This treatment is used primarily for spider veins seen near the surface of the skin. During sclerotherapy sessions, spider vein experts in Long Island inject a chemical solution into the vein that works to close off the blood flow through the vein. Over time, the body absorbs the affected vein and reveals a cleaner looking leg.

Endovenous Ablation. There are several types of ablation, but each involves the use of a fine catheter inserted into the affected veins to guide an ablation device. Both radiofrequency waves and laser energy can be guided through the catheter and used to seal off the affected veins. Ablation can be applied to the great saphenous vein in the thigh or directly into the smaller offending surface veins through small incisions.

Microphlebectomy. In this procedure, the doctor uses a very tiny hook (similar to a crochet hook) to grab and remove several centimeters of the affected vein through a millimeters-wide incision. This treatment instantly gets rid of the look of spider and varicose veins and is often done if other procedures leave behind unsightly vessels.

Dr. Andrew Rochman is one of the best vein doctors in Long Island and the medical director of Advanced Vein Care Solutions. He and his professional team provide comprehensive and results oriented treatment for both vein disease and cosmetic venous concerns. Make an appointment for fast and comfortable vein disease treatment options such as these today by calling 516-336-8878. We look forward to hearing from you!

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