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Long Island Varicose Vein doctor: Is Being Overweight Damaging My Veins?

Long Island varicose vein doctorBeing overweight is linked to a whole host of health risks, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. It’s also a major risk factor for vein disease. Read on to learn more about the link between being overweight and vein disease and why a Long Island varicose vein doctor can help.

How does being overweight impact veins?

Lugging around extra body weight strains your body in many ways, your veins included. Your veins work hard to force blood upward to the heart. When you’re overweight, eating poorly, and not exercising, this is detrimental for your veins and the rest of your body.

If your veins become overworked or damaged from an unhealthy lifestyle, the blood in your leg veins pools inside the veins. The vein swells and becomes irritated, leading to the ropey, bulging appearance of varicose veins and a condition called venous insufficiency.

Other vein health risks associated with overweight and obesity

Being overweight is also a primary risk factor for developing blood clots. When clots develop in the deep leg veins, the condition is called deep vein thrombosis. This condition can quickly lead to deadly complications such as pulmonary embolism, in which the clot travels through the veins and cuts off the blood supply to the lungs.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are also associated with excess weight. And both of these diseases can exacerbate vein problems beyond being overweight. High blood pressure can lead to stiff veins, while diabetes can damage the vein walls and the tissues surrounding them. Both diabetes and high blood pressure can lead to problems with circulation.

There is hope

If you are overweight or obese, you can reduce your risk for vein disease and other health problems by losing weight, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise. If you already suffer from varicose veins, a Long Island varicose vein doctor can help you eliminate them and improve your circulation and overall health. Call us at 516-821-0242 or go online to make an appointment for a vein screening with Dr. Rochman, one of the best vein doctors on Long Island.

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